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Insistent Disturbances

by Mike McFerron

piano and percussion
$20.00 score
$10.00 parts
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Insistent Disturbances is representative of my compositional process at this time. In this work,
I began with a global plan that defined a musical shape and then immediately developed pitch material
to support my original global perspective. But as I developed local level material, I began to
modify the overall structure of the work. In other words, these two opposite approaches give and take for the sake of drama.

While composing this work, I was overwhelmed by the amount of tribulation in the world.
Like many people, I often feel like an outside observer of events that directly impact my
life, and (as in the creative process) these events generate a struggle between my affective
and cognitive minds. Just when I begin reconcile these two forces, another dramatic event occurs
in the world, and the human process begins all over again.
Insistent Disturbances was written in 2003.