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Myopic Phantasy

by Mike McFerron

Mobile Device Trio
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Myopic Phantasy for mobile device trio was written in 2019. The foundation for this work is the opening lines of Edgar Allan Poe's short story, "The Fall of the House of Usher," whose narrator describes a feeling of "insufferable gloom" upon seeing the titular house and its decayed surroundings. The reader understands this description as a prediction of what is to come as the narrator descends to the House of Usher.

Many composers, from Debussy to Philip Glass, have produced music inspired by Poe's famous text, and for good reason. In it, the reader is confronted with quintessential Gothic themes, magnificently rendered: psychosis, metaphysics, human decay (physical and moral), and the strong tether of family. But perhaps the two themes that most elicit dread are isolation and captivity?being alone, captive to a sibling, captive to a house, captive to a sick mind. The terror and horror of this story may be that readers, through the eyes of Poe's narrator, begin to imagine themselves isolated and trapped by their circumstances. It is upon these themes that Myopic Phantasy is built.