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by Mike McFerron

2 Pianos - 8 Hands
$35.00 score
IsoLoops, for two pianos-eight hands, was completed in 2020. Constructed with a limited harmonic language, IsoLoops is developed by layering isorhythms of varying duration and pitch scope. The interaction of these rhythmically independent isorhythmic layers create direction and shape in this composition.

Isorhythms are often associated with motets from the 14th and 15th century, but this feature can also be found in later western concert music as well as music from the Far East. Today, isorhythms are found in many types of music from concert to pop to film to video game. In the context of IsoLoops, an isorhythm is simply a repetitive rhythmic pattern and an independent repeating pitch pattern. In this composition, these various patterns of different length loop throughout the work, realigning with different voices and propelling the music incessantly forward.