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Piano Sonata No. 2

by Mike McFerron

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20 young children lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. The senseless mass shooting impacted most of us at some level. For me, my son was the same age as the children who were taken from their families that day. Since then, I have marked his milestones with those children who were lost in 2012; school programs, first dance, driving. At times, even rather common experiences like hearing sounds of playing and laughter when I would pick up my son at his elementary school transported me back to that moment when I first learned of the horrific event.

Immediately After the shooting, parents of students who attended Sandy Hook Elementary School were directed to gather at the local firehouse, located just around the corner. With what was surely incredible relief for some, children trickled into the building and were reunited with their families. Little by little, those families, still whole, left the brick firehouse until only a small group of parents remained. This remaining group was ushered to the back of the firehouse, where hours later the governor of Connecticut entered the room to confirm their worst fears, that their children were not coming home.

The atmosphere enveloping the anguish of waiting for the families throughout that day is almost unimaginable to me. A spectrum of emotions that is indescribable, first watching the tearful reunification of other families all the while desperately clinging to hope for their own joyous reunion as they were ushered to the back of the firehouse.

Humanity lost that day, but through remembrance and communion, we seek peace and healing together.